Virginia Medicaid Expansion – Open Enrollment Starts Soon!

Earlier this year, Virginia voted to expand Medicaid to roughly 400,000 more qualifying applicants. The open enrollment period starts next week, on Thursday, November 1st. If you were previously ineligible for Medicaid coverage, please check the new guidelines. You might find that you now qualify. Potential applicants can quickly check their eligibility using the online Eligibility Screening Tool, or by visiting the main website Cover Virginia (

Healthcare is on the Ballot – Exercise Your Right to Vote!

Did you recently buy a Mega Millions ticket? Your odds of winning are slim, but it’s worth a shot, right? Do you know what else is worth a shot? Your vote! The good news is that your vote does count. If you care about healthcare issues, be sure to vote on November 6th, 2018. That’s a week from next Thursday! Know who the candidates are and what their positions are on the issues.

If you feel nervous when you first see a ballot, take the guesswork out by viewing an online sample ballot for next month’s election in your voting district. Party affiliation aside, we the people have the ability and responsibility to shape our government every time we enter the voting booth.