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Posts by John Goss

Maryland Association for Justice Presentation

In January, 2019, Robert H. Silberman and John O. Goss made a presentation at the Maryland Association for Justice’s annual seminar for Social Security disability attorneys practicing in the state of Maryland. The one-day continuing education seminar was titled “Disability Benefits Seminar, Perspectives on Social Security”. The presentation was similar to one John O. Goss…

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A Good Day for Our United States Constitution

Almost four years ago, Goss & Fentress answered the call put out by the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR) for volunteer attorneys to rescue disabled people in Eastern Kentucky. Decent people were caught up in a scandal that had reached epic proportions. As it turned out, one attorney, Eric C. Conn, and…

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Virginia Medicaid Expansion – Part 2

Yesterday the Virginia House of Delegates again passed a budget plan that will go back to the Senate, which rejected the first proposal that the House passed earlier this year. Republicans control 21 of the 40-seat chamber, but at least two senators have indicated that they would vote for the current version. This budget plan…

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Virginia’s Fight over Medicaid Expansion

Virginia is gearing up for a big fight over Medicaid expansion set to take place during the April 11th special state legislative session, a special session which was called to decide whether or not to include it in the budget.  Governor Ralph Northam is leading the movement for Medicaid expansion and is enjoying the backing…

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Social Security Disability and SSI – will I get Medicare or Medicaid?

One of the major benefits of winning your disability claim is that health care coverage comes with the disability package. But is it Medicare or Medicaid? For Social Security Disability Insurance, it’s Medicare.  Medicare is the earned-benefit program for Americans aged 65 or older, or disabled. Workers pay into Medicare throughout their working years. The…

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Bah, Humbug!

I think there maybe is a little bit of the Holiday Depressive in all of us. It might be due to ill health, the loss of loved ones, the loss of youth, disappointed expectations, or simply fond memories that only others have. But for those who are facing medical challenges and disability, taken together with…

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Taking it to the House

We have a new television commercial on the airways in which John Basilone stands in a courtroom and assures folks that if insurance companies won’t offer his clients what an accidental injury claim is worth, he is more than willing to present the case to a jury. Well, he means it, as this past week…

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Is it time to get back to work on Medicaid expansion?

Social Security disability lawyers in Virginia constantly struggle with the Catch-22 disability claimants get caught up in by the lack of affordable health care in the state. To be successful in proving disability, a claimant must have medical evidence from treating doctors that establishes a severe level of impairment. But health care through Medicare and…

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John Goss is appointed to the NOSSCR Board of Directors

Goss & Fentress is proud to announce that John Goss has been appointed to the board of directors of the National Organization of Social Security Claims Representatives.  Formed in 1979, NOSSCR has grown ever since in membership and in the services it provides. Today, NOSSCR has more than 3,000 Social Security Disability attorney members in…

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