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Law Firm in Poquoson, VA

A Highly Qualified Law Firm in Poquoson, VA

When choosing a lawyer, you need to search for one who has experience representing and winning your type of case. The Law Offices of Goss & Fentress wants to change how you view lawyers. We are a local law firm that has grown to be one of the most sought-after firms in Poquoson, VA and the nearby cities. While we may be growing, we still promise to provide our clients with the individualized service of a small practice. When you hire us, you can rest assured you have the most qualified team of lawyers building your case.

Auto Accident Injury

The road is a very dangerous place. Even if you take care to follow the rules and pay attention, you may still encounter reckless drivers who put your life at risk. Auto accidents are very common, and unfortunately, so are the injuries that happen as a result. If you’ve been the victim of an auto accident injury, we want to represent you.

As your lawyer, we will make sure the liable party compensates you for your injuries. Some of the damages we may seek to collect include:

  • Any medical expenses.
  • Unpaid or lost wages.
  • Long-term care.
  • Pain and suffering.

Personal Injury Claims

We also accept cases for other types of personal injuries. When you’re a victim, you need a lawyer who will go above and beyond to prove fault beyond a reasonable doubt. Some of the ways we win cases are by:

  • Presenting accident scene photos.
  • Collecting eye-witness testimonies.
  • Introducing police reports.
  • Calling upon expert witnesses.
  • Using accident reconstruction experts.

Our firm has won countless personal injury cases. It doesn’t matter how serious your injuries may seem, we believe you should be awarded as much money as possible. When you have us on your side, you know the agreed-upon settlement will be in your favor.

Social Security Disability

While most people expect to collect their Social Security benefits when they retire, those who find themselves suddenly disabled need to collect their benefits sooner. Unfortunately, getting approved for SSD benefits is a tricky task. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge of the system to make sure you get approved for the full amount possible.

We specialize in appealing both SSD and SSI benefit cases. If you’ve been denied, we will get the decision reversed in your favor. No matter how long it takes, our legal team will work around the clock to make sure you’re able to collect all the benefits you deserve. Let us help speed of the decision process.

A Trusting Relationship

A client/lawyer relationship is a very complex one. We want to make sure that you can fully trust us. That’s why we promise to keep your meetings confidential. You can trust that we will always work on your behalf.

You will have the chance to meet with your lawyer in person, and if you have any additional questions, you will always be able to contact a paralegal. We have an open-door policy. It’s important to us that you always feel valued.

The Law Offices of Goss & Fentress is proud to offer the best representation for personal injury and SSD cases. We accept clients from Poquoson, VA and the surrounding areas. Call us to book a free consultation.