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Goss & Fentress, PLC represents claimants for Social Security Disability and SSI benefits and represents the injured victims of accidents caused by the negligence of others.

There are some commonalities between the practices of Social Security disability and personal injury litigation. First, to be an effective practitioner in either field, an attorney must have significant knowledge of the nature and practice of medicine. The very essence of the successful attorney in both of these fields is that he or she is conversant with the physiology, diagnosis and treatment of injury and illness. Whether your case is a claim for disability or a personal injury lawsuit, the best attorney you can select is one who has spent years learning how to effectively work with complex medical evidence.

The second dimension common to both disability and personal injury cases is that both are presented in the courtroom. Thus, it is not enough to just understand medical evidence – the successful trial attorney must make it understandable to others, whether judges or juries or both. Trial skills, learned first in law school and then honed by years in the courtroom, translate a knowledge of medicine into legal success in both fields.

A third common thread between personal injury litigation and disability claims is that the truly successful attorney in either field must fight hard, but must also be able to empathize with his client, whose life has been adversely affected either by accidental injury or devastating illness. On the other hand, there are significant differences between disability claims and personal injury cases. The court systems are entirely different, and the laws that govern each area of practice do not come from the same set of law books. That is why you need an attorney skilled and experienced in the handling of your individual case type.



Social Security Attorney – Disability and SSI

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Goss & Fentress handles personal injury and accidental death cases

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We at Goss & Fentress, PLC represent people - not corporations – where the difference between winning and losing is so often life changing, and so often is much more than a matter of money. For the truly capable personal injury or disability advocate, winning should feel great, but losing needs to hurt worse. The attorneys at Goss & Fentress, PLC include both lawyers trained and experienced in disability law, and lawyers experienced in the handling of other accidental injury claims.

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