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Law Firm in Franklin, VA

Top-Rated Law Firm Located Near Franklin, VA

When the unexpected strikes, you need to know who you can rely on for legal representation. Goss & Fentress represents personal injury and disability clients across Franklin, VA and many other surrounding cities. We have developed a reputation for being bold, hard-working, and determined. For the past 30 years, our firm has won countless cases. If you are seeking compensation, then it’s time to come meet with us.

Understanding Personal Injury Cases

Getting hurt is never expected. What’s even worse is when someone else is to blame for the accident. When this happens, the negligent party should be held responsible. If they’re not willing to take responsibility, then you need the lawyers from Goss & Fentress on your side. We’re one of the highest rated personal injury law firms in the neighborhood.

Personal injury cases involve being hurt because of negligence. The negligent party should then be held accountable for any injuries you sustain, including any monetary damages. Our firm can help you get awarded damages for:

  • Medical Bills

As a victim, you may find yourself with an overwhelming number of medical bills. You may even need ongoing treatment in the future. We will get all these bills paid for by the negligent party.

  • Pain and Suffering

Some injuries greatly affect a person’s ability to enjoy life or even handle daily activities. If your injuries are affecting your quality of life, then you should receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

  • Lost Wages

Many victims end up losing money because they’re unable to work following their accident. Whether you’re out of work temporarily or permanently, we’ll make sure you’re paid in full for any unpaid wages.

Fighting for Disability Benefits

Getting approved for disability benefits is very challenging. The Social Security Administration denies almost every initial request. Once you’re denied, Goss & Fentress can help. We know what it takes to successfully overturn an SSI or disability denial. Our winning track record is impressive.

When you bring your denial to us, we will begin the appeal process. Our vast knowledge of the rules and regulations of the disability program makes us the ideal law firm for you. Let us begin the process of getting you approved for all the benefits you deserve.

Know Your Lawyer

Unlike other firms, we make sure our clients get to know us here at Goss & Fentress. You will have the chance to personally meet with your attorney. A paralegal is assigned to every case, and they will always be available to answer any questions you may have. Our open-door policy ensures you always feel important and valued as a client. You’re never left in the dark when you work with us.

With more than 30 years of experience under our belt, it’s no wonder why so many people from Franklin, VA and the nearby cities turn to Goss & Fentress for their legal needs. Personal injury and disability cases are our specialties. Once we determine that your case is a good fit for our firm, we will begin working on it right away. You won’t find a more dedicated attorney elsewhere in the area. Contact our office if you’re ready to take the first step towards monetary compensation.

Find Your Small-Town Identity in Franklin, VA

Incorporated in 1876, Franklin, VA was an important railroad stop for those traveling along the Blackwater River. Before incorporation, however, the city became a well-known battlefield for the Civil War, where five naval casualties were noted, and 16 others were injured. While the battle didn’t result in a huge loss of life, it did prevent the Confederates from capturing any ships or soldiers. After it was incorporated, the city began to grow. It then became known for its sawmill, which was owned by the Camp family. This family played a huge role in helping Franklin become a more economically prosperous region.

Today, Franklin, VA remains a small town. It is home to a little under 8,500 residents. The people here rely on the Blackwater River to keep them connected to the rest of the country. This river is the number one reason why the area finally industrialized. However, the river has also caused a great deal of harm, especially flooding. Back in 1999, much of the city was submerged underwater by Hurricane Floyd. In 2006, another large storm once again flooded the city. Even after all the flooding, the residents of the city have worked hard to overcome adversity. While some moved away, causing a dip in the population, others rebuilt the small community.

The average household income in the city is far below the state median. Housing remains quite affordable for residents, with prices staying below the national average. Most residents work in either manufacturing or waste management. Both single individuals and married couples equally fill the region. The city plans on boosting the economy and opening more housing options in the next 10 years, which should draw in more residents. The local government is working hard to create more job opportunities to help boost the socioeconomics of the area. However, they also want to maintain the small-town identity that Franklin, VA is known for having.