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Mr. Social Security: Part 4

Eric C. Conn once directed one of the most lucrative law firms in all of America, making him one the most successful lawyers this nation has ever seen. However, similar to the medical evidence he commonly used in his cases, his success was actually a complete sham. Conn clawed his way to status and wealth…

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NOSSCR’s 40th Anniversary Conference

The National Organization of Social Security Claimant’s Representatives (NOSSCR) is hosting its 40th Anniversary Conference in September 2019. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Goss and Fentress are members of NOSSCR, and this organization continues to be a great resource for information, networking, and even referrals for the firm. The members of NOSSCR are…

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How to Manage SS Benefit Payments

If you have been fighting for social security disability benefits and are finally awarded, you may find that you are entitled to a substantial back award. This back award will be given in one lump sum in addition to the monthly payments. We recently shared a post on Facebook from SS about how monthly payment…

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Social Security Disability Insurance and Mental Health

Mental health impacts every aspect of our lives, and it is important to monitor our mental health so that we know when we need assistance or should seek assistance for a family member or friend. We all experience times of stress, depression and anxiety, and there are healthy ways to cope with these feelings, but…

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Social Security Disability Advocates VS Social Security Disability Attorneys

Many SSI and SSDI claimants want to find a social security disability advocate to assist them with their claim. Having a social security disability advocate who specializes in Social Security claims assist throughout the process of a claim is helpful. However, advocates differ from social security disability attorneys. The social security disability advocate appointed may…

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Maryland Association for Justice Presentation

In January, 2019, Robert H. Silberman and John O. Goss made a presentation at the Maryland Association for Justice’s annual seminar for Social Security disability attorneys practicing in the state of Maryland. The one-day continuing education seminar was titled “Disability Benefits Seminar, Perspectives on Social Security”. The presentation was similar to one John O. Goss…

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Louisville Seminar

The Law Offices of Goss & Fentress has worked tirelessly in behalf of the many victims of the Eric C. Conn mass disability fraud scheme, for which Mr. Conn and others have been sentenced to lengthy prison sentences. Over 1500 Social Security disability benefit recipients were caught up in Conn’s fraudulent representation and for the…

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Non-English Speaking SSDI Qualifier on Chopping Block

As we all know, the Social Security Administration has a lengthy and complex process to determine a claimant’s eligibility to receive disability benefits. They weigh many different factors, including whether or not a claimant speaks English. The purpose for this consideration is to gauge communication skills in order to determine the claimant’s employability. If the…

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Beware of Scammer Calls!

Across the country there have been reports of scam calls from the Social Security Administration. Well actually not from SSA, but from scammers posing as SSA employees. These scammers are trying to trick us into giving them our personal information, like our social security number and bank account number. Recently, these scammers have become even…

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