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Law Firm in Smithfield, VA

Winning Personal Injury Cases throughout Smithfield, VA

After an accident, you may be left with bills piling up. You may not be able to return to work. Your quality of life may diminish. What should you do? If you know someone else was responsible for the accident, then we want to hear from you at Goss & Fentress. Our personal injury law firm is highly acclaimed across Smithfield, VA and the surrounding areas. We know what it takes to win your personal injury case.

Representing Personal Injury Victims

Getting hurt is never planned, and many times, it leaves lasting effects. The negligent party should always be held responsible, and at Goss & Fentress, we want to make that happen. We’re the top personal injury law firm in your town, and we have been winning cases for the past three decades. Some of the cases we accept include:

  • Worker’s compensation claims.
  • Defective project accidents.
  • Construction site incidents.
  • Boating injuries.
  • Railway accidents.
  • Dog bites and attacks.
  • And many more.

When you present your personal injury case to us, we will closely review all the facts pertaining to your case. Once we decide to work for you, we will gather any evidence needed to prove fault. Our years of experience make us the clear choice for handling your injury case.

Automobile and Truck Accidents

If you were injured in an automobile crash, Goss & Fentress wants to review your case. Accidents on the road are very common. Unfortunately, in addition to loss of property, these types of accidents may also leave victims with lasting injuries. Some of the most commonly reported injuries are:

  • Whiplash.
  • Broken bones.
  • Cut and scrapes.
  • Internal organ damage.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Lost limbs.
  • Paralysis.
  • Death.

As you can imagine, the medical bills for any of these injuries can skyrocket. Some victims are left with permanent scars or disability that affect their daily life. It doesn’t matter the extent of your injuries after a car accident, our legal team will make sure you’re fully compensated. We will fight for all monetary damages for which you qualify. Let us begin reviewing the details of your auto accident today.

Appealing Social Security Claims

Filling for Social Security benefits is not an easy process. There are a ton of forms to fill out, doctor’s notes to collect, and other details that you can’t overlook. However, even if you fill out everything correctly, the odds are still very high that your application will be denied. Unfortunately, that denial may lead to financial hardship for you. Let us appeal your denial for you.

Here at Goss & Fentress, we know what it takes to get your SSI or disability application approved by the Social Security Administration. Our office works with people like you who’ve been denied. We will begin the appeal process on your behalf. It’s not only our goal to get you approved, but we also want you to receive all back pay. We have a winning record and are ready to add your name to that list.

Every Client Is Important

Here at Goss & Fentress, you’re not just a number to us. You’re a person with feelings and needs. Our clients from Smithfield, VA always get personalized service. That includes a meeting with your attorney and around the clock access to a paralegal. We’ll handle your case with determination and compassion. Schedule an appointment to review your case with our legal experts.

Discover the Small-Town Charm of Smithfield, VA

Those who prefer to live in small towns should check out what Smithfield, VA has to offer. Much like other cities in the state, this area is full of history. Tourism is a huge economic boost for the area. This city is known as the ham capital of the entire world. In fact, Smithfield Foods is the largest pork processing company, with more than 20 million pounds of ham processed each year. Those who want to learn more about Smithfield ham can get an entire lesson at the Isle of Wright County Museum. Of course, no one can leave the city without tasting its famous ham for themselves. Many of the restaurants on Main Street, such as Taste of Smithfield, take pride in serving up local ham.

Another way to get into the pig spirit is by checking out the eight sculptures of market hogs that are on display in town. This area is known as the Porcine Parade. Each sculpture is placed in a different area of the city, and a map from the visitor center shows where to locate each one. These sculptures are life-sized, and each one is painted with a different mural, representing the hog economy of Smithfield, VA. This self-guided parade is a great way to introduce yourself to the pride of the city.

For those who aren’t interested in pork, there are plenty of other interesting attractions in town. Windsor Castle Park is a great place to enjoy nature. Comprised of four miles of trails, it’s the perfect location for a midday stroll. There are also kayaks available for rent and a fishing pier. Another tourist destination is St. Luke’s Historic Church and Museum. This is the oldest church in Virginia, dating back to the 17th century. Guided tours are offered every day of the week. During the tour, you’ll learn about the importance of religious freedom and the separation of church and state for early settlers.