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Law Firm in Yorktown, VA

Representing Personal Injury Clients across Yorktown, VA

Are you injured because of someone else? Many people find themselves in this predicament each year. The team at Goss & Fentress wants to make sure you get monetarily compensated for all your injuries. Our firm represents personal injury cases of all types, and we’re here to serve you. If you live in Yorktown, VA or any of the nearby cities, our office is easy to find. The sooner you reach out, the sooner we’ll win your case.

Why Goss & Fentress Is the Best

When it comes to your personal injury case, you need a lawyer who really knows what they’re doing. You won’t find a more skilled legal team than the one at Goss & Fentress. We’ve been winning personal injury cases for well over three decades, and we are ready to add your case to our list. Our firm has a reputation for being determined, steadfast, and tough. We’re respected by other lawyers and have a solid standing with local judges. When we work for you, expect nothing but the best.

Why You Should Open a Personal Injury Case

Too many victims put off opening a case for their injuries. Some feel their injuries are too small to bother, while others don’t want to offend people. But let’s face it—you’re hurt. No matter what, someone must pay your medical bills. If you’re not at fault, that person shouldn’t be you. Let us fight to win compensation for:

  • Medical bills, including past, current, and future.
  • Pain and suffering because of your injury.
  • Lost wages, including any anticipated future lost income.
  • Any other recoverable damages.

As your legal representation, you can trust us to build a solid case. We will fight until you win. In many instances, we settle outside of court, but if we can’t reach a fair agreement, will take your case before a judge. Your best interests are always at the forefront. We value the needs of every client we serve.

Understanding the Difficulties of SSI

Have you tried applying for SSI, only to receive a denial letter? This happens to almost everyone who initially files for Social Security for disability benefits. It doesn’t matter if you are clearly eligible for benefits, the government makes it extremely tricky to get approved. Once you have been denied, it’s time to turn your case over to Goss & Fentress.

Our firm has successfully represented a wide range of SSI cases. No matter how many denial letters you’ve received, we’re confident our firm will finally get you approved. Additionally, we won’t settle for less than the maximum benefits that you qualify for, including any back pay. Let us help you finally get that approval letter from the Social Security Administration.

Hard-Working and Reliable Law Firm

When you come to meet with Goss & Fentress, you’ll quickly learn why our services are so popular with clients across Yorktown, VA and the nearby cities. We’re committed to every client, and we’re the hardest working law firm in the region. That’s why we continue to be successful for more than 30 years. If you have a personal injury or SSI case for us, call today for a confidential case evaluation.

Know Your Neighbors in Yorktown, VA

Small town living doesn’t get much cozier than it does in Yorktown, VA. This tiny, census recognized area is home to less than 200 residents. The population has remained stagnant for many years, and it has even been on the decline for the past decade. The entire area of the town is only about 0.6 square miles, which are made up of land. Those living in the area are sure to know their neighbors, and even though the area is small, many people can find work and are making a living here. Most of the residents work in management, many of whom run their own local business. The second most popular employment sector is health care.

Even though it’s tiny on the map and sparsely populated, Yorktown, VA is still a huge tourist destination. This area has a very complex and colorful history. It played a huge role during the American Revolution. In fact, the last battle of the war was fought here. Some of the prime spots to visit include the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown and the Yorktown Battlefield. The downtown area is always bustling with tourists from all over who want to experience life during this time. It’s a prime location to learn about the country’s history and appropriate for visitors of all ages.

Because of the tourism appeal, many small businesses thrive in town. There are plenty of restaurants for visitors. Many of these restaurants overlook the York River, providing the perfect backdrop to a great meal. Some of the most popular restaurants include Duke’s Italian Eatery and Riverwalk Restaurant. The city is also home to many small shops, perfect for picking out souvenirs. Shopping is made easy thanks to the size of the city. Simply park your car and walk down the brick paths to each shop. You’ll find storefronts for just about anything, from home goods to photography.