Many SSI and SSDI claimants want to find a social security disability advocate to assist them with their claim. Having a social security disability advocate who specializes in Social Security claims assist throughout the process of a claim is helpful. However, advocates differ from social security disability attorneys. The social security disability advocate appointed may or may not have the ability to argue your case in front of a judge, or know all of the terms and rules associated with SSI and SSDI claims.

Goss & Fentress is comprised of social security disability attorneys who will represent you in your SSI and SSDI claim. We are a local firm that services the community we are based in. If you are looking for Norfolk law firms, then you have come to the right place. We also have offices in Newport News, Richmond, Elizabeth City, and the Maryland/DC Area.

There are a lot of firms that do not employ social security disability attorneys to represent a SSI or SSDI claimant. Some of these large firms are located in different states such as Arizona, and advertise being able to assist in your claim no matter which state you live. With that said, they cannot possibly be connected to you and the community you live in like we are. They do not have the inside knowledge of state and local hearing office procedures, timelines and even familiarity with the judges that hear each case as we do. Some of these firms are so out of touch with the community that they charge an application fee, even though it is free to file an application with social security on your own. There is nothing wrong with having a social security disability advocate represent you in your claim, but you want your representative to be connected to you, the local social security office and the hearing office that may end up with your case. That local representative is Goss and Fentress, Attorneys at Law.

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