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Posts by Chelsea Brock

Non-English Speaking SSDI Qualifier on Chopping Block

As we all know, the Social Security Administration has a lengthy and complex process to determine a claimant’s eligibility to receive disability benefits. They weigh many different factors, including whether or not a claimant speaks English. The purpose for this consideration is to gauge communication skills in order to determine the claimant’s employability. If the…

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Beware of Scammer Calls!

Across the country there have been reports of scam calls from the Social Security Administration. Well actually not from SSA, but from scammers posing as SSA employees. These scammers are trying to trick us into giving them our personal information, like our social security number and bank account number. Recently, these scammers have become even…

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Undocumented Immigrants and Healthcare

Many believe that much government spending is allotted to undocumented or illegal immigrants for benefits and resources like the ones granted to U.S. citizens. Programs exist that provide resources like healthcare, education, and housing and nutrition assistance to citizens who cannot afford these services from a private vendor.   Some undocumented immigrants would fall into…

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How to Navigate the Goss and Fentress Client Portal

The Goss and Fentress Client Portal is a great way for clients to keep in touch with their legal team.   This is how the portal works, to get started: You will receive a link to the client portal via email or text message. The link will bring you to the portal where you will…

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New Health Coverage for Adults Beginning in 2019

Virginia’s Medicaid Program is rolling out new health coverage for adults. This program aims to be of good quality and low-cost for adults ages 19-64. This new healthcare coverage offers doctor, hospital, and emergency services including; primary, specialty, and preventative care; prescription drugs and medical supplies; lab and x-ray services; maternity and newborn care; home…

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