Senator Kaine responds to our request for Social Security Disability Claims Help

In our one of the previous post, i.e “Social Security Disability Claims – Appeal to Congress for More Timely Review“, we let you know that Attorney J. Russell Fentress, IV, partner at The Law Firm of Goss & Fentress had written to three members of Congress to ask for help for our Virginia Social Security Disability clients in having their claims processed in a more timely fashion.

Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia quickly responded to us with the following information:

“Thank you for you recent letter outlining your concerns over the severe backlog of SSI and Disability claims. Last November, I met with regional executive leadership from the Social Security Administration to discuss my similar concerns.

In fiscal years 2011 – 2013, Social Security received nearly $1 billion less administrative funding than the President requested. They are beginning this fiscal year unable to operate with full annual resources and they still do not know how much more they will have to reduce costs. Much of their administrative costs are to fund employees and facilities, and those cuts make it challenging to acquire and maintain adequate staffing. Social Security estimates that the loss of employees in FY 2014 due to attrition is over 3,400. Additionally, they cannot afford to replace these employees. . . .”

We extend our appreciation to Senator Kaine for this valuable information. We hope he will advocate for justice for our clients in the coming budget processes.

Please contact your congressmen and ask that they do the same.