The Health app for iPhone has many features such as tracking steps and monitoring abnormal heartbeats. There is also a Health Records option that allows users to download health records to their iPhone. This option allows users to add their medical facilities to the app and use their patient login information to gain access to their health records from those facilities.

The Veterans Administration (VA) has joined this effort and now Veterans can access their records from the VA on that health app. As a supported provider, the VA has added an easier method for Veterans to access their health records. As of right now this app is only available to iPhone users, but the VA plans to partner with other mobile providers to bring similar capabilities to non-iPhone users. VA Secretary Robert Wilkie has said “Veterans deserve access to their health data at any time and in one place, and with Health Records on the Health app, VA has pushed the Veterans experience forward.”

This new feature can be extremely helpful if you are a Veteran applying for Social Security Disability benefits. It will allow for immediate download of records if they are needed to submit to SSA to assist with your claim for benefits. Accessing medical records can be difficult and our firm can assist in obtaining them for your disability claim.