As the 2018 Virginia Senate race between Democratic  Senator Tim Kaine and Republican challenger Corey Stewart heats up, the Goss and Fentress team strongly encourages you, our client, to remain familiar with each party’s candidates and their views on current issues. We also recommend that you to pay close attention to views surrounding healthcare and social security, as these are issues that directly affect our clients. In doing so, you will ultimately make the process of choosing the best candidate for you and your situation an easy one.


Tim Kaine vocally supports Medicaid expansion in Virginia, promises to protect the Affordable Care Act, and plans to improve healthcare systems to make affordable access to quality healthcare available to all Americans. He has also co-authored a Medicare-X plan that would work to create an affordable public option for healthcare in every ZIP code. This would allow Americans the ability to choose between pre-existing private insurance plans or a public option. Unlike the incumbent, Corey Stewart believes that the Affordable Care Act has failed the American people and fully supports the option to repeal it. He instead supports a Health Saving Accounts expansion, which would allow Americans to purchase insurance across state lines. He aims to make healthcare both affordable and free- enterprise focused.

Social Security

Tim Kaine considers Social Security a vital benefit to the American people and is committed to oppose all attempts to privatize the government program. He believes that privatization of Social Security is a harmful scheme that will eventually leave seniors defenseless to volatile markets and remove money from already depleting Social Security Trust Funds. Instead of privatizing Social Security, he wants to lift the payroll tax cap, which will influence the wealthy to contribute more to the Social Security system. On the other hand, candidate Stewart has yet to share any clear opinions or plans for the government program. Both candidates still have a lot of time before November 6th officially arrives so we expect to see Corey Stewart to share more information regarding Social Security in the near future.


This is the first in a series to inform our clients on positions of interest as the elections approach.