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Choosing the Right Candidate: Pt. 2

In our most recent blog, we introduced our clients to Senate candidates Tim Kaine and Corey Stewart. In this week’s continuation of our “Choosing the Right Candidate” blog series, we wanted to familiarize our clients with those competing for a Representative office in Virginia’s 2nd congressional district. This year’s race features current Republican Representative, Scott Taylor, and Democratic opponent, Elaine Luria. Though Taylor and Luria share similar background, the same cannot be said for their positions on certain issues.


When compared to other Democrats, Elaine Luria’s support for the Affordable Care Act is not as strong as that of her party mates. Though she considers the Affordable Care Act is far from perfect, she does understand that it succeeds at helping a lot of Americans in need. During her campaign, she has also expressed support for  Medicare expansion and offering a public health care option, specifically Medicare X. Luria believes that  Medicare expansion is an essential step in making affordable and quality healthcare available to more Virginians. In opposition to Luria’s stance, Scott Taylor does not support the Affordable Care Act in any form. The former Navy Seal has made it obvious that he intends cooperate with his party to develop a healthcare system that improves affordability, accessibility, and quality of care. As a veteran himself, Taylor has made a strong effort to advance veterans’ healthcare and decrease the Veterans Affairs’ waiting time for appointments.

Social Security

Retired Navy Commander, Elaine Luria, believes that United States has an obligation to protect Social Security for the American people. She understands that Americans have worked, and currently still work, tremendously to support our nation and are owed this benefit for their services. Much like his party mate, Corey Stewart, Taylor has not made his intentions for Social Security clear during his campaign. We can only hope as the days before November 6th pass, he will make an effort to share is thoughts and plans for our country’s Social Security program.