Will SSA Provide In-Person Services During Covid-19?

To inhibit the spread of the Coronavirus, Social Security has ceased providing services to walk-in visitors in their offices across the country. They have instead committed to delivering ongoing benefits and critical services via online, telephone, and mail. According to their official website, people can satisfy most of their Social Security needs more conveniently online. Social Security’s website allows you to apply for retirement, disability, and Medicare benefits, check on application and appeal statuses, and more from any device. However, if you cannot take advantage of their online services, they are prepared to solve critical issues by phone or mail. Making use of the Field Office Locator on their website will allow you to find the toll-free number for your local Social Security office. You can also contact them by their national 800 number, where you can interact with their automated phone services or wait for an agent. Because of the virus, the latter may cause you to experience longer than usual wait times, which is why they recommend using their online services.

Despite Social Security’s goals to primarily serve people through online services, phone, or mail, some issues might be too difficult to resolve using these methods of communication. For anyone with situations too dire to be solved via online, phone, or mail, they may be able to schedule an in-office appointment to achieve a solution. This option is only possible under extreme circumstances because Social Security is dedicated to prioritizing the health of the population they serve and employ.

If you have any further questions regarding how SSA is changing operations to accommodate for the pandemic, feel free to visit www.ssa.gov/coronavirus.