Applying for Social Security Benefits

The process to receive Social Security benefits can be difficult from start to finish. Many claimants seek our help once they have been denied benefits. We help them file appeals and represent them at hearings in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). The subsequent steps in filing an appeal for benefits after an initial denial is important, but so is how you begin.

The application is your first step in the process, and you want to put your best foot forward. The Social Security Disability application is very long and cumbersome. The same goes for the Supplemental Security Income application. Much information is asked of the claimant and many times the application is submitted incomplete. Each question that is asked on the application has a purpose, but the format of the application leaves you thinking that all the questions do not need to be answered. This is the wrong thought to have. The submission of the application must be complete and thorough the first time to increase your chances of getting approved for benefits. Let us start you off with a strong case by assisting you with your application.

The thorough submission of a Social Security Disability application can potentially shorten the amount of time going back and forth with SSA about your conditions, work history and resources. After the initial denial of benefits, we can ask for reconsideration, if that is denied we can ask to have a hearing with an ALJ. At each step you must provide the same information as the time before, which feels redundant and annoying. We will do our best to get you approved the first time around so that this process does not become a burden. SSA does not make the application easy and it can be overwhelming, but we are committed to supporting our clients from the beginning. If you are still denied after we assist you in applying, we will still strive to give you the best shot at getting your claim approved, by appealing your case.