On June 9th, 2014,Robert Silberman, John O’Neil and John Goss, attorneys with the Law Offices of Goss and Fentress participated in a training seminar for the staff of Vesta, Inc.  Vesta is a nonprofit behavioral health care organization that offers comprehensive, flexible, and ongoing services for persons with serious mental illness throughout the state of Maryland. Vestahas offices in Waldorf, Silver Springs, Prince Frederick, Odenton, Lexington Park, Lanham, Germantown, and Forestville.

Our presentation informed the Vesta staff about various Social Security Disability benefits programs.  Because residents receiving assistance from Vesta may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits and/or SSI programs the organization feels that it is important for its professional staff to have a working knowledge of Social Security disability benefits and SSI eligibility.

Attorney John O’Neil discussed five different types of disability benefits available to disabled persons, including Social Security disability benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI claims) and SSI for children.  Attorney John Goss reviewed the basic legal rules that determine eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. Attorney Robert Silberman presented an overview of the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits and also explained what happens during the course of a Social Security disability benefits appeal.

This presentation is a part of a broader outreach program by the Law Offices of Goss and Fentress in the Greater Baltimore and Washington DC Metro area. We offer training seminars to help educate medical and social service professionals regarding Social Security disability benefits.  We also speak to patient groups who may need to find out more about social security disability benefits.There is no fee associated with the booking of a seminar and the program is offered as a free public service.  Presentations are tailored to meet individual training needs.

If your organization would benefit from a seminar similar to the one discussed above, please don’t hesitate to contact Attorney John O’Neil in order to discuss the possibility of hosting an event.