NOSSCR’s 40th Anniversary Conference

The National Organization of Social Security Claimant’s Representatives (NOSSCR) is hosting its 40th Anniversary Conference in September 2019. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Goss and Fentress are members of NOSSCR, and this organization continues to be a great resource for information, networking, and even referrals for the firm. The members of NOSSCR are not only lawyers for Social Security Disability, but anyone who represents and advocates for claimants applying for or appealing denials of SSI and SSDI claims. The NOSSCR conference is a forum where peers can share information, ideas and strategies concerning social security disability cases. This upcoming national conference will feature two presentations by our own John Goss, Esq. Mr. Goss has presented at the NOSSCR conference in previous years and has also served on the organization’s Board of Directors. This year, he will be giving a presentation titled “With All Due Respect” with the topic of “Courtroom Strategies for Making Your Case Despite Your Oppositional ALJ”. His second presentation will be focused on “The New Era of Fraud Redeterminations: Post-Conn Cases Nationwide”. The opportunity to share knowledge for the professional development of our peers is something that our firm considers both a priority and a privilege.