Conn Case Collaboration

Litigating the Conn cases has been a long process so far and is still ongoing. The result of the Eric Conn scam has left thousands of Social Security claimants without benefits and without support from the Social Security Administration. Many attorneys nationwide have dedicated much of their time and skill to advocate for the Conn victims to regain their benefits. This scheme took place in the Appalachian region of Kentucky, but attorneys from all over the east coast have extended a helping hand.

This has gotten much attention in the media and throughout legal circles. It has even touched soon-to-be lawyers at Harvard Law School. They have shown interest in this cause as well as interest in working for legal aid firms such as AppalRed, that do so much good for the communities that they serve. The involvement of law students has created more awareness and access to more resources towards this fight. Their eagerness to learn and volunteer is inspiring and uplifting. It’s good to know that the lawyers of tomorrow have fight in them, too.