Was That A “Presidential” Debate?

Following the first 2020 presidential debate, it is more obvious than ever that November 3rd is a very critical day for our clients. This debate fell far short of hopes and expectations. It quickly dissolved into a relentless barrage of personal insults and disruptions that reflected the chaos and division currently plaguing this country.

Unless there is a real replacement, we need the Affordable Care Act. Its expanded Medicaid provisions, at long last accepted in Virginia, have provided health care coverage for so many of our clients. It is unacceptable that this progress should be at risk.

As the next wave of Coronavirus quickly approaches, Americans looked to this debate to provide some sense of security for the country. Unfortunately, we were quickly disappointed.

To date, COVID-19 has resulted in over seven million cases with over two-hundred thousand deaths. With the annual flu season on the horizon to complicate matters, these numbers are expected to grow. Though there is a vaccine in development, many Americans are now reluctant to take it.

Our law offices represent people who are at a high risk for contracting the coronavirus and who desperately need their healthcare. On behalf of our clients, we must advocate for a leader who can successfully address this crisis. In a nation divided, we need a president who can remind us that we are all Americans.

Remember. Vote like your life depended on it.