Social Security disability lawyers in Virginia constantly struggle with the Catch-22 disability claimants get caught up in by the lack of affordable health care in the state. To be successful in proving disability, a claimant must have medical evidence from treating doctors that establishes a severe level of impairment. But health care through Medicare and Medicaid only is offered to those who are already eligible for disability.

No doctor, no proof to support a disability claim. No proof, no disability award. No disability award, no health insurance. No health insurance, no doctor. It is a vicious circle that mocks the disabled.

Since the Affordable Care Act became law, the solution to this cruel riddle has been Medicaid expansion, which would provide basic healthcare to Virginians unable to afford health insurance. The case has long been made by the experts for expansion, and when the case is put to the people, as just happened in Maine, expansion is approved. But a recalcitrant General Assembly in Virginia has until now refused to go forward.

The cruel impasse may be ending thanks to our recent election. In district after district delegates who advocated Medicaid expansion were elected, giving Virginia’s General Assembly a new look.

Virginians, it’s time to get back after your legislators and demand Medicaid expansion for our state. Hold them accountable for doing the right thing.