Medicaid expansion has been a political debate for many years now. In general, politicians on the left are pro Medicaid expansion and politicians on the right are against it. However, many voters are pro Medicaid expansion on both sides. Virginia rolled out Medicaid expansion in the beginning of 2019 and the hope is that more states will follow. North Carolina is hopeful that they will be one of the next states to implement a plan for Medicaid expansion.

According to an article in the Washington Post, North Carolina Democratic Governor Roy Cooper will be running his reelection campaign on the idea of Medicaid expansion. The issue of health care in this country has not lost any importance. Most right-winged politicians oppose the Affordable Care Act, but agree that something must be done.

Why not expand Medicaid? Many working class people have difficulties obtaining health care. Some employers do not offer health insurance plans, or what is offered is not affordable for a family; and since they are working class they may not be eligible for Medicaid because they’re not impoverished. Medicaid expansion will be a hot button issue during the election cycle for the governor in North Carolina as well as for the nation during the upcoming presidential election.