The New Year often brings resolutions that many create, but do not achieve. Things like working out, eating better, and stopping smoking are great goals to have and can be accomplished as long as the commitment is there to execute that goal. We see ourselves and others falling into the same trap of creating high expectations for changes that we may not realistically be able to fulfill. For example, deciding to go to the gym every day in the New Year even though you didn’t go to the gym once the previous year could set you up for failure.

The key to New Year resolutions is to choose something you can commit to; start small and build on it throughout the year. For example, saving money can begin with saving five dollars a week. Once you get in to the habit of saving a small amount weekly, you can then increase the amount you save each week throughout the year.

When considering changes for the New Year, think of things that can help you now and in the future. Committing to seek treatment and follow physician recommendations is a great New Year’s resolution to make and can help your current or future claim for disability benefits tremendously. For those in the process of applying for disability benefits, seeking treatment is an integral part of the process. The more medical evidence you have to document your conditions, the stronger your case will be. This new year you can make a resolution to find a physician who can treat your condition. Start by finding a primary care physician to see regularly. They will in turn be able to refer you to other physician specialists in a particular field that relates to your condition. If you do not have health insurance you can apply for state Medicaid, which can be granted even if you are denied disability benefits.

Good luck this New Year with all your endeavors!