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Law Firm in Carytown, Richmond, VA

Trusted Law Firm in Carytown, Richmond, VA

The Law Offices of Goss & Fentress, PLC combines the resources of a large law firm with the atmosphere of a small one to make each and every client feel comfortable. They are local trial attorneys with small offices located throughout the region, including Carytown, Richmond, VA.

The Law Offices of Goss & Fentress Has a Long History of Meeting Your Needs

Goss & Fentress was founded in 1982 by John O. Goss, an attorney in Norfolk, Virginia. He began his practice in the field of general law with a special focus on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims. In 1994, attorney J. Russell Fentress, IV joined the firm, bringing with him expertise in personal injury law. Together, they and their staff have helped thousands of clients with cases in personal injury or SSI claims. Additional offices were opened in Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.

The law firm increased its case load in 2008. John E. Basilone began at Goss & Fentress in 2010 and has represented many clients who were victims of accidental injuries.

Together, the firm of Goss & Fentress focuses on these main areas of law: personal injury, social security disability, SSI, and accidental injury. They combine many years of experience with personalized care and consideration of their clients. They will listen closely to a client’s case so they can provide the best possible advice and will be with the client every step of the way. If the case goes to litigation, they will provide topnotch representation.

Personal Injury Attorney in Carytown – We’re Here for You

People typically spend their days feeling safe and secure. However, you never know what can happen at any given moment. Accidents can happen, no matter how careful you are. You can be in an accident through no fault of your own and may not be prepared financially and emotionally. It can be anything form minor aches and pains to a life-changing injury that requires a hospital visit or longer-term care. There can be the inconvenience of lost days of work, car repairs and replacements, or medical visits. If the personal injury was due to the carelessness of someone else, you deserve to be compensated.

At Goss & Fentress, the trial attorneys work hard to help anyone who has suffered a personal injury. They represent the victims themselves and those who have lost a loved one due to someone else’s fault. The attorneys have many years of experience in this area and have successfully represented many clients.

Some of the cases they have represented include motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, animal attacks, boating accidents, railroad accidents, and trucking accidents. Any type of injury that needs a claim settled or quality representation can be handled by Goss & Fentress.

Social Security Disability Attorney – Let us Fight on Your Behalf

While many people plan to work until retirement, this does not always happen. Serious injury or illness can result in a disability at any age. The Social Security Administration has a program that people who have a disability can qualify for to receive benefits before retirement age. However, the application process can be difficult and confusing. An attorney can help.

The lawyers at Goss & Fentress have the necessary experience to handle cases where a client has been denied disability benefits from social security. They can also help you determine your qualifications for this insurance benefit and your rights if you feel you have been wrongfully denied. They have received awards for their work in this area, including the 2016 Pro Bono Public Award by the American Bar Association, which was received by John O. Goss.

The next time you need an attorney, be sure to reach out to Goss & Fentress.

About Carytown, Richmond, VA

Carytown is an urban district that primarily consists of retailers and businesses along nine blocks. It is centered around West Cary Street, which gives the district its name. Carytown is at the southern end of the museum district in Richmond, Virginia and not far from The Fan District. This district is known for its quirky, bohemian atmosphere and eclectic shops, which can include indie boutiques, record stores, vintage clothing stores, bakeries, and cafes. Many of these shops and dining establishments are housed in historic buildings. There are colorful murals that line the alleyways and buildings of this lively district. Carytown hosts events throughout the year. This can include activities such as a Watermelon Festival and Holiday Festival.

This district is also home to the Byrd Theatre, which was built in the French Empire design and opened on December 24, 1928. It was named after William Byrd III, the founder of Richmond and was the first cinema in the state to have a sound system when built. The Byrd Theatre has continuously shown films since its opening day and is an important historical landmark for Carytown.

Another popular landmark in Carytown is the Cary Street Park and Shop Center. This is a historic shopping center that was built in the Art Deco style in the 1930s by the C. F. Sauer family. It opened in 1938, becoming the city’s first strip shopping center. The Cary Street Park and Shop Center quickly became popular due to its ‘park and shop’ nature, attracting residents and tourists to Carytown. As a result, more shops were developed in the area and Carytown eventually had over 230 shops, offices, and restaurants, earning the nickname “Mile of Style.”

Those looking for outdoor recreation can visit Byrd Park, a 300-acre park just south of Carytown. This park has pedal boats, walking trails, tennis courts, and more. It also has an amphitheater for outdoor performances.