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How Do Liens Affect My Personal Injury Settlement?

What is a lien? A lien is a right given to another in property by its owner to secure a debt. Liens are created voluntarily, or by law in favor of certain creditors.  This can sound scary, especially when one thinks about a lien on a house or car. Liens relating to personal injury claims,…

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Searching for Semi Truck Accident Attorneys?

The handling of personal injury claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents involving semi trucks and tractor-trailers may warrant special attention for a number of reasons.  At the outset, due to the sheer size and weight of these vehicles, accidents caused by these vehicles can result in catastrophic injuries or death.  In addition, for purposes…

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Can using my Facebook PageHurt My Personal Injury Claim?

Millions of us use internet social media like Facebook to maintain contact with family and friends in our day-to-day lives.  Technology has provided us with the ability to stay in close personal contact with lots of people,miles or even thousands of miles away. As personal injury attorneys, we need to warn you that the tradeoff…

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What Is “Pretrial Discovery” in a personal injury case?

If your auto accident claim or other personal injury insurance claim cannot be resolved in negotiation with the insurance company, you may have to file a lawsuit to recover the compensation that you are due. Lawsuits proceed through prescribed steps or phases.  The major phases are •    Pleadings •    Discovery •    Trial This post describes…

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