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Archive for September 2019

Mr. Social Security: Part 3

Despite Conn and his cohorts being the true culprits of an elaborate fraud conspiracy, hundreds of his incognizant clients were the first to experience the brunt of SSA’s initial response. In May of 2015, roughly a year before Conn was rightfully charged, around 900 of his clients received letters from SSA informing them of changes…

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Mr. Social Security: Part 2

Prior to his arrest, Conn managed the third most lucrative disability practice in all of the United States. But how exactly did he grow his firm to this level of prosperity? From October 2004 through April 2016, Conn colluded with two administrative law judges (ALJs) and a number of doctors to forge medical documents and…

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NOSSCR’s 40th Anniversary Conference

The National Organization of Social Security Claimant’s Representatives (NOSSCR) is hosting its 40th Anniversary Conference in September 2019. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Goss and Fentress are members of NOSSCR, and this organization continues to be a great resource for information, networking, and even referrals for the firm. The members of NOSSCR are…

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