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Archive for April 2019

Social Security Disability Advocates VS Social Security Disability Attorneys

Many SSI and SSDI claimants want to find a social security disability advocate to assist them with their claim. Having a social security disability advocate who specializes in Social Security claims assist throughout the process of a claim is helpful. However, advocates differ from social security disability attorneys. The social security disability advocate appointed may…

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Maryland Association for Justice Presentation

In January, 2019, Robert H. Silberman and John O. Goss made a presentation at the Maryland Association for Justice’s annual seminar for Social Security disability attorneys practicing in the state of Maryland. The one-day continuing education seminar was titled “Disability Benefits Seminar, Perspectives on Social Security”. The presentation was similar to one John O. Goss…

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Driverless Cars Part 2: Contributory v. Comparative Negligence

Back in March of 2018, a “driverless” Uber vehicle struck and killed a woman as she was crossing the street with her bike. The National Transportation Safety Board has reported that the vehicle spotted the victim, Elaine Herzberg, about six seconds before impact but the computer system had a hard time recognizing her as a…

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