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Archive for October 2017

Is Social Security Disability Insurance being “tort-reformed”?

    The Social Security Administration is an insurance company, albeit one that is publicly-owned and government operated. Therefore, much of the agency’s institutional behavior can best be understood if you look at the motivations underlying various actions in that light.     The Social Security Administration for several years now has been engaged in…

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John Basilone Wins Another Big Personal Injury Case

This happened in a recent jury trial with personal injury attorney John Basilone representing our client in a slip and fall accident. The two defendants were the owner and management company of a 200-unit apartment complex in Virginia Beach. The injury occurred during the aftermath of a February, 2015 snowstorm. The evidence established that the…

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How Do Liens Affect My Personal Injury Settlement?

What is a lien? A lien is a right given to another in property by its owner to secure a debt. Liens are created voluntarily, or by law in favor of certain creditors.  This can sound scary, especially when one thinks about a lien on a house or car. Liens relating to personal injury claims,…

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